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Geological Museum of Anhui Province

Updated: 2008-01-18 18:00:39

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The Geological Museum of Anhui Province, located at Hefei City and opened to the public in May 1988, is a provincial level geological museum of China.

The museum has collected over 2,000 pieces of various kinds of geological samples, of which the rare collections are the Huainan animal group of the later period of the early Cambrian Period in Anhui and the Chaohu Dinosaur of the Triassic Period. The museum, an entirely enclosed one with a space of 1,460 square meters, consists of three show rooms, namely, the Comprehensive Geology Show Room, the Mineral Resources Show Room and the Precious Stones Show Room. On display are mainly the ancient extinct animals and plants, minerals, rocks, mineral products, precious stones, jade, color stones, stone carvings, remote sensing geological pictures and foreign geological samples.

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