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Fujian Geological Museum

Updated: 2008-01-18 18:00:39

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The Fujian Geological Museum, located at Fuzhou City, is a local comprehensive museum of geological science of China. It used to be the Exhibition Hall of Achievements of Geological Scientific Researches of the Geology Bureau of Fujian Province.

The museum, prepared in 1982, has collected around 4,000 pieces of various kinds of samples, of which 60 belong to Class One collection, includingtianhuangstone (a yellowish translucent stone found at Shoushan; prized as material for seals), sapphire, the fossil of graptolite of the early Ordovician Period found for the first time in Fujian Province, and the fossil sample of the anchovy of the later Jurassic Period.

The museum covers an area of 1,200 square meters. The basic displays are ordinary geology, stratum paleontology, petrology, mineral resources and their industrial uses, deposit geology, and the Antarctic Pole geology and minerals. The most important exhibition is the mineral resources, displayed in 10 categories. The nonmetal minerals on display have all the varieties available, such as the seaside superior-quality quartz placer deposit with its resource ranked number one in China, the unique standard sand used to define the grade of cement in China, and the Shoushan stone with its reserves ranked number one in China. The other nonmetal minerals on display are the mineral samples with the special features of Fujian Province such as crystal mine, kaolin mine, barite mine and granite materials.

The museum also has a display of geological popular science, gives geological lectures, and runs a show window for popularization of geological science.

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