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Exhibition Hall of Jianghan Petroleum College

Updated: 2008-01-18 18:00:39

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The Exhibition Hall of Jianghan Petroleum College, located inside the college at Shashi City of Hubei Province, is a college-level petroleum museum of China. It was prepared in December 1983 and completed and opened to the public in July 1986.

The Exhibition Hall of Jianghan Petroleum College, divided into four show rooms, covers a space of 500 square meters.

Room One is the Show Room of Petroleum and Its Uses, displaying mainly the crude oil samples of two foreign oilfields and sixteen domestic oilfields such as Daqing, Dagang and Shengli, the refined petroleum products, and petrochemical products; the physical and chemical features of petroleum; and the brief introductions to the oilfields and petrochemical plants in China.

Room Two is the Show Room of Petroleum Geology Principles. On display are mainly the history of earth development, the various kinds of geological phenomenon, three kinds of rocks (the magmatic rock, the sedimentary rock and the metamorphic rock), mineral deposits; and the generation of petroleum and natural gas, their movement, the law of storage and collection and the formation of oil and gas fields. On display is a large flat calcite in the shape of crystal cluster (50 x 40 x 20 cm). The shape of the crystal is complete, colorless and transparent, rarely seen in China.

Room Three is the Show Room of Exploration and Development of Oil and Gas Fields, displaying mainly the exploration of petroleum geology, the exploration of geophysics, drilling and the process of developing oil and gas fields.

Room Four is the Show Room of Dinosaur Skeleton Fossil, displaying mainly the giant fossil of a dinosaur skeleton living 70 million years ago in the northeast of Heilongjiang Province and the fossils of ancient extinct animals and plant in various geological epochs.

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