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Ningxia Geological Exhibition Hall

Updated: 2008-01-18 18:00:39

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The Ningxia Geological Exhibition Hall, located at Yinchuan City and completed in 1985, is a geological museum of provincial level in China. It used to be the geological exhibition room of Ningxia comprehensive geological team founded in 1964.

The Ningxia Geological Exhibition Hall has collected more than 5,000 geological samples. The main exhibits are the mineral resources, including coal, the most important mineral of Ningxia, and other mineral deposits such as petroleum, natural gas, oil-shale, gypsum (ranking in the forefront of China with the explored reserve), the auxiliary materials for chemical industry and metallurgy, building materials and the minerals for arts and crafts. There are more than 100 geological samples on display in addition to 200-odd pictures, charts and photos.

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