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Pu Songling Memorial

Updated: 2008-01-18 18:00:39

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The Pu Songling Memorial, located at Zibo City of Shandong Province and founded in 1980 in memory of Pu Songling, a writer in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), is a memorial of historical figure.

The memorial has collected 7,500 items of historical relics and materials (different editions, photos and audiovisual tapes), of which 8 belong to Class One collection, including a vertical scroll of Pu Songling's portrait, and the manuscripts and seals of Pu Songling. The basic exhibitions of the memorial are theLiaozhaiStudy, Pu Songling's Life Story and the Books Written by Him and A Study on Pu Songling. The exhibitions on special topics are the Painted Sculptures Based on the Story of Liaozhai and the Painting and Calligraphy of Contemporary Celebrities. A hall for showing film and watching TV is also available in the memorial.

The memorial has edited and publishedNotes to the Lost Parts of LiaozhaiandA Study of Pu Songling. The memorial, holding that Pu Songling's nationality was Han instead of Manchurian, has issued a paperStudy of Pu Songling's Nationality.

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