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National History Museum of Taiwan

Updated: 2008-01-18 18:00:39

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The National History Museum of Taiwan is located at Nanhai Road next to the Taipei Botanical Gardens. The "National" Taiwan Arts Education Institute, the "National" Taiwan Science Education Center, the "National" Taiwan Materials Hall and so on are adjacent to the Museum. Besides, the Museum is near a lotus pond, luring many sightseers.

Founded in 1955, the Museum mainly collects cultural relics from the Central Plains besides some local cultural relics. Its exhibits include bronzeware unearthed in Xinzheng, Huixian and Anyang counties of Henan Province, porcelains with rope patterns of the pre-Qin period and green-glazed porcelains of the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) unearthed in Luoyang, dancing and singing tomb figures of the Six Dynasties, the Tri-color Glazed Porcelains of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), and so on.

The Museum attaches much attention to elevation of its academic position and fostering of research staffs, and increases efforts in research and promotion of specialized books. Besides, it actively advocates modern management and strengthens cooperation with first-class museums in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

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