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Taiwan Provincial Museum

Updated: 2008-01-18 18:00:39

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Located in the Taipei Park, the Taiwan Provincial Museum, the oldest museum in Taiwan, was built in 1908. It was previously situated at the current site of the president's office, and moved to the present site in 1915.

Before 1937, the Museum had a collection of over 13,000 cultural relics. By 1945, the number had declined to 8,834, including 1,740 items related to history, 1,085 items related to the Gaoshan ethnic minority, 740 items from the Malay Peninsula and Indonesia, 1,615 geological minerals, 3,138 animal specimens, 396 plant specimens and 120 other items. Now the cultural relics in the Museum amount to 40,000 items.

The Museum has six exhibition halls, namely the Exhibition Hall of Taiwan Aboriginal Culture, the Exhibition Hall of Exotic Cultures, the Exhibition Hall of Animal Specimens, the Exhibition Hall of Plant Specimens, the Exhibition Hall of Evolution, and the Exhibition Hall of Ocean Life-form.

Periodical publications of the Museum includeMuseum Quarterly,Museum Annual,the Journal of Conchology, and so on.

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