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Yunnan Provincial Museum

Updated: 2008-01-18 18:00:39

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The Yunnan Provincial Museum, founded in August 1951 and situated in downtown Kunming, is a provincial level comprehensive museum in China.

The Museum is in possession of over 50,000 items of cultural relics, including about 30,000 historical relics, 7,200-odd revolutionary relics and 10,000 ethnic relics and handicrafts.

These collections are mainly from archeological findings, and excavations exceed 20,000 items. Among the exhibits are some bronze articles, such as the Yunleiwen Bronze Drum (the extant earliest bronze drum) of the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-8AD), a house-shaped bronze coffin of the Warring States Period (475-221BC),Niu Hu Tong An(bronze table with the design of a tiger cub coming upon two buffalos), the bronze outer coffin with superb craftsmanship, the exquisitely processed cowry-shell containers of various forms and sizes, buttons and so on.

On display in the Museum are also the beautiful costumes of the 25 ethnic minorities in Yunnan. The exhibits, ranging from primitive tools for production to fine articles for daily use, represent vividly the development of their traditional culture.

The Museum features a basic display of History of Yunnan Slavery Society, which exhibits more than 800 relics introducing the bronze culture, social class, social production and folklore of the slavery times. Other displays on special topics include the Primitive Society of Yunnan, Modern Times of Yunnan, and Red Army's Long March via Yunnan, etc. Besides the annual exhibitions, the Museum often organizes temporary special exhibitions at home and abroad, including From Ape to Human, Ancient Chinaware, Ancient Paintings, and so on.

Publications of the Museum includePicture Album of Bronze Drums Collected by Yunnan Provincial Museum,Reports on Ancient Tomb Excavations in Shizaishan Mountain of Jinning of Yunnan Province,andBronze Ware in Yunnan,etc.

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