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Wuwei City Museum

Updated: 2008-01-18 18:00:39

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The Wuwei City Museum, located at Wuwei City of Gansu Province and founded in October 1983, is a local historicalmuseumofChina.

The Museum has collected over 30,000 items of relics, of which over 280 are Class One collection, including the Imperial Edict of Wang Zhang from the Han Dynasty (206BC-24AD), which is of great value to study the system of honoring and taking care of the old in the Han Dynasty, the epitaph of a Tang princess, the tablet inscription in memory of restoring a pagoda in Xixia from the Tang Dynasty and a tablet from the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), very rare and valuable relics to study the history and writing of the minority groups of Tuguhun, Dangxiang and Huihu. In addition, the Museum has also collected ancient rare books and a set of comparatively completeDazangjing(a Buddhist scripture) from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1391).

The Museum also has the display of the Exhibition of Concise History of Wuwei, and exhibitions of relics on special topics such as stone carving and painting and calligraphy. There is also a special duplication team affiliated to the Museum to duplicate and copy various sizes of the bronze galloping horse unearthed from a tomb at Leitai of Wuwei in the Han Dynasty.

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