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10,000 people taste Pu'er coffee in Guangdong

2014-12-17 09:04:25

(People's Daily Online)


On Dec. 11, 2014 the Nationwide Pu'er Coffee Taste & Guangzhou Division of the 3rd "China Pu'er Coffee Cup" World Syphon Competition was held in Guangdong. During the event, Pu'er coffee launched promotional campaigns in association with Guangdong's 19 cities, over 100 coffee companies, and over 1,000 cafes. A total of 80 contestants from Guangdong's 19 cities and regions took part in the competition to share the impressive Pu'er coffee culture feast with numerous guests.

Syphoning is a simple and useful way to make coffee. It works as follows: heat water to produce vapor, which pushes up the hot water in the lower part of the pot into the upper part. Then the water in the upper part drops back into the lower part after the water in the lower part of the pot cools.