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  A cup of coffee in Beijing, an incredible experience during your 72 hours visa-free transit  
2014-04-11 13:18:04
China Travel Depot

A cup of coffee in Beijing, an incredible experience during your 72 hours visa-free transit

After a long flight, are you yearning for a comfortable place to wind down? Take a cup of coffee at cafes and coffee shops in Beijing and it will be pretty pleasant and impressive as well. Let’s make the best of the opportunity that 72-hour visa-free transit policy offers and start a new journey with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Since January 1st 2013 visitors who hold a passport issued by any of the 45 countries eligible for Beijing’s 72-hour visa-free transit policy that will remain in Beijing for no more than 72 hours while in transit can apply for 72-hours visa free transit stay in Beijing. If you fulfill all the necessary requirements for a visa-free transit stay in Beijing, you can check by clicking here and read everything you need to know about this new policy.

Romantic and fun-filled activities with coffee

For every soul who seeks for peace, relaxation and well-being, the temptation of coffee is irresistible. Taking a cup of coffee with a book in hand is easily considered to be the simple pleasure of life. Despites this inextricable relationship, coffee also provides warmth for movie lovers curling on a sofa and freshness for game players immersed in a battle. So, within those 72 hours, what kind of experience do you expect to have with a cup of coffee?

Love Beijing
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