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3D tech recaptures beauty Of Old Summer Palace

2014-12-11 15:41:57



The China International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo in Beijing, has also become a showcase for the role of technology in the creative industries. Thanks to 3D and holographic technology, technicians here are offering visitors a glimpse into the past glory of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing.

Here at ICCIE 2014 in Beijing's Haidian district, visitors can view the lost treasures of the Old Summer Palace.

This installation features a complete set of the twelve bronze animal heads of the Zodiac fountain, once situated in the Garden of Eternal Spring at the palace.

You can even zoom in on the image to observe the details of each animal head.

"Using modern three-dimensional laser scan technology and holography, we were able to recreate each animal statue of the fountain in the Old Summer Palace. So people can see what they originally used to look like," Guide Dong Ni with Haidian Sub-Exhibition, ICCIE 2014, said.

This installation isn't the only one here that combines high-end technology with cultural creativity.

Haidian District is home to a large number of technology companies. And now with encouragement that the cultural and creative industries are receiving, these companies are also seeking to venture into this new creative frontier.

"From January to September this year, the cultural and creative industry in Haidian district has been growing steadily. Its growth rate is much faster than the economic growth. According to our estimates, the value of the cultural and creative industry in our district will reach over 75 billion US dollars by the end of this year," Niu Aizhong, deputy director of Publicity Office, Haidian District, said.

Statistics so far show that the cultural and creative industry in Haidian district has made over 67 billion US dollars in 2013, making up about 40% of the total revenue from these industries in Beijing.

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