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Silk road film festival opens in Xi'an

2014-10-28 09:58:53



Xi'an is the starting point of the Silk Road, and the ancient commercial route linking east and west. Now, it's working toward becoming a modern trading hub for films and TV shows. The first Silk Road Film Festival has opened in the city, hoping to be a matchmaker for scriptwriters, producers and distributors from both home and abroad.

Xu Baoyue is a young scriptwriter who already has two hit TV shows, "Redemption" and "Puzzle", under her belt. She is attending the trade fair at the Silk Road Film festival, in search of new opportunities.

Xu said, "I've brought with me three for four new scripts, and I'm hoping them to get recommended. There is an urban comedy, and a suspense drama called "Who is at My Home". Although they're all urban dramas, I included elements from suspense dramas. So I think they will trigger interest.

40 percent of the companies here are from overseas. At the event, China has signed deals with companies from Russia, India and South Korea. Deals have also been reached by domestic firms.

The event is a big promotion for local filmmaking. Four films produced by the Xi'an Film Studio Company have been shortlisted for the awards. And the studio has already signed agreements with India and South Korea.

Zhang Hong, CEO of Xi'an Film Studio Co., said, "This event is a launching pad for our company's international cooperation. We hope that films made in west China will become known by the world, and that our company will become more influential.

Trading opportunities are also available for cultural and tourism companies. That's because Xi'an is eager to cash in on its rich history and culture to attract filmmakers to China's vast western territory.

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