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Palace Museum needs to design landmark souvenirs

2014-10-24 15:01:35



Beaded earbuds sold at the Taobao store of the Palace Museum, Oct 22, 2014. [Photo/Taobao store of the Palace Museum]

Previously, the gift shop atTaipeiPalaceMuseuminTaiwanprovince introduced cellophane tape that read "zhen zhidao le" or "Zhen (how Emperors in the past refer to themselves) knows." With this, many Internet users are questioning the authenticity of items released by the Palace MuseuminBeijing.

Designer Tang Shenghan, who has designed items for both Palace Museums, said it is natural to compare these products.

"I think this kind of comparison is inevitable. I don't think borrowing ideas in this fashion poses a big problem."

From the design and creativity aspect, Tang said the Palace MuseuminBeijingneeds to introduce landmark products that represent theForbidden City.

"I think they have somewhat lost their track. The biggest impact the Palace Museum in Beijing provides visitors is its magnificent architecture. But it is difficult to point out one item that represents the Palace the most. That's what they need to work on."

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