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The 10th CCG EXPO kicks off in Shanghai

2014-07-14 17:15:23

( By Wang Chang


The 10th China International Cartoons and Game Expo (CCG EXPO) kicked off at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Centre on July 10, 2014. The CCG EXPO is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and People’s Government of Shanghai and is co-organized by Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film and TV, China Cultural Media Group Limited, China National Centre for Developing Animation, Cartoon and Game Industry (Shanghai), and Shanghai Media Group (SMG).

The 5-day CCG EXPO features main exhibitions, stage performances and e-sport competitions. It also includes three forums—When Animation Meets Game, Discussion on Developing Pattern of “New Virtual Idol Broker” and China’ s Innovation in Animation and Game Industry and Way to Go Global. Theme activities such as the Original Animation Competition, Ways to Change Animation and Game Industry, Outstanding Animation Program Show and Art Creation Day will be held.

The CCG EXPO was established in 2005 and is in its 10th year. It has not only witnessed the birth and thriving growth of the animation and game industry, but also played a vital part in the industry’s promotion and development. For the purpose of showcasing achievements within the decade, the organizers designed a special retrospective exhibition named “Wonders Within the Decade.” The retrospective exhibition features “A Decade in a Moment” and “Wonders Within the Decade.” The former exhibits major events in the industry and the International Cartoons and Game Expo through pictures and texts, while the latter showcases great moments in the industry by sectors. The sectors include “Questions by 100 People” about voices from people in the industry, ”Classical Games” and a sector for new media interaction.

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