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International Ice Sculpture Expo opens in Harbin

2013-12-27 15:30:24




Harbin, the capital of NE China’s Heilongjiang province, is famous for its ice and snow exhibition and every winter the city attracts crowds of visitors with its freezing sculptures. This year’s International Ice Sculpture Expo is no exception.

An ice world imagined by sculptors...

International Ice Sculpture Expo opens in Harbin

This year’s expo spans over 600 thousand square meters, using 100 thousand cubic meters of ice- no mean feat. The most popular sculptures are the colourful ones. Artists here have fused traditional Chinese elements into their work. This blue and white porcelain themed sculpture stuns tourists.

"At first glance I thought this really was a classic blue and white porcelain vase, with snow flakes on it. It’s amazing! " a visitor said.

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