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Artist Bai Lingfei

2013-11-19 08:46:56



Bai Lingfei

The lifelong goal of my art is to depict the sincerely harmless and eternal communication of love between people and nature, people and people, and people and spiritual entities. I have always insisted on using poetic visual illusions to convey art produced by love, so that I hope my work can bring a sense of artistic beauty along with eternal happiness and present everlasting love.

I go to great pains to draw phantom-like scenes in order to achieve a juxtaposition of realistic characters with Chinese classical situations in my work, which gives the viewer an ambiguous and surreal feeling; deliberately arranging the characters' lives and the environment in my drawings, mixing a sense of reality and illusoriness; making realistic figures wander in aesthetic order and classical situations within the painting, by which dream and fantasy imagery can be presented, thus creating a colorful dream that is close to reality through elaborate compositional methods and images, while integrating both reality and fantasy with pen and ink. I depict my dream-like habitats with the fantasy of dreams and illusions, showing the truth of love in my dream world and conveying a poetic dream world by using a my own style.

--by Bai Lingfei



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