Marital Customs

Nowadays, Tibetan youths have greater freedom of social life before marriage. A common way of falling in love and becoming engaged is through singing local folk songs. Youths usually convey their mutual admiration through the "Guozhuang" (a dance around the fireplace stones), which they like very much. It is particularly the case with the Wang-guo Festival, when the young people, dressed in bright costumes, go as agreed to the dance to choose their beloved companions of life.

A tea party is a most grand occasion for social life and dating among the youth. It usually takes place in the slack-farming season or on festivals. At the tea party, youths drink tea while echoing each other's songs. Through singing, the young people find their soul mate.

After engagement, a go-between is employed by the male party to bring presents to the parents of the other party, seeking their agreement on the marriage. Once the agreement is obtained, a date is appointed for the wedding.

The wedding proceeds in singing, through which people's feelings expressed. Thus songs become a vehicle of emotions, adding an infinite zest to the wedding, which will not end until midnight when both sexes have enjoyed Guozhuang to their heart's content.