How to seize the perfect opportunity to preserve your health  

春分 如何把握好养生的好时机?

Drink some chrysanthemurn tea

1. Make sure to nourish your liver. Traditional Chinese medicine teaches us that spring is crucial to the liver-nourishing process; summer is perfect for nourishing the heart. In autumn one should nourish one’s liver and in winter we nourish your kidneys. There is a high incidence of liver disease in spring, so one should nourish our liver to harmonize the Yin-Yang and promote the relative equilibrium of Yin and Yang. Food with sweet flavor, such as walnuts, peanuts, longans, medlars and Chinese dates are beneficial to the liver and kidney. Wine is harmful to our liver; drinking is unsuitable in the spring. It is better to drink some chrysanthemum tea and mint water. Beverages abundant in electrolytes, such as Pocari Sweat, are perfect for the spring.

2. Pay attention to the balance between Yin and Yang in your food. Traditional Chinese medicine classifies food into five flavors: cold, hot, warm, cool and calm. When cooking cold foods such as fish, crab and shrimp, add vinegar, ginger and cooking wine to neutralize the cold. And when eating papaya, garlic and chives, which warm the kidneys, mix them together with some eggs, which nourish the Yin to achieve a balance of Yin and Yang.

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How to seize the perfect opportunity to preserve your health

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