The Origin of Jade Rabbit  

This legend is considered to be an extension of Chang'eFlying to the Moon. It tells about three sages who transformed themselves intopitiful old men.

One day they met a fox, a monkey and a rabbit, and they beggedfor food. The fox and the monkey shared their food with the old men; but therabbit, with nothing to share, jumped into a blazing fire to offer his ownflesh instead.

The sages were so touched by the rabbit's kindness that they sent it to live in the Moon Palace, where it becamethe Jade Rabbit.

Chang'e, who lived alone after arriving in the moon, liked theJade Rabbit at the first sight, and therefore kept it company. As the time wentby, Chang'e and Jade Rabbit became inseparable friends.

Hearing about the storyof Chang'e and Hou Yi, the Jade Rabbit felt sympathetic to them and decided to make a special heavenly medicine, which could help Chang'e return to Earth.

Unfortunately, the Jade Rabbit has still not been able to make it even though, he has worked hard for thousands of years. Observing the moon on the Mid-AutumnDay carefully, we can still see the Jade Rabbit making his heavenly medicine.

Editor: Shi Liwei


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