· Expo shoots the moon during festival events (2010-09-21)
With the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, countless celebration events are being staged at the Expo Garden.
· Large-scale Exhibition on Jun Porcelain (2010-09-21)
As one part of the “Moonlit Night at Xiangjiang River” series of activities, the large-scale Jun Porcelain Exhibition will be held in Hong Kong.
· Mid-Autumn Festival in China (Video Show) (2010-09-21)
On every fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, people all over China will be getting together to eat with their families.
· Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival in China (2010-09-20)
The Mid-Autumn day is one of the biggest festivals in the Chinese lunar calendar. It’s a time for homecoming and enjoying moon cakes.
· Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival Gala (2010-09-19)
As an annual international pageant during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the 11th Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival Gala “Moonlit Night at Xiangjiang River (Xiang Jiang Ming Yue Ye)” will raise the curtain at the Grand Theatre of Hong Kong Cultural Centre on September 18.
· Festival in the Expo Garden (2010-09-19)
This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival, the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, falls on Sept 22.
· Festival Fun in Fangshan (2010-09-19)
The Music Fun Hill Festival will make use of the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival to attract people to Changyang township in Beijing's Fangshan district, some 30 km southwest of the city center.
· 2010 CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala (2010-09-19)
The 2010 CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala will be held at 8 pm on September 22 in a scenic zone called Sunshine Peninsula in Wuhu, Anhui province.
· Celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival (2010-09-19)
Also known as the “Full Moon Festival,” the Mid-Autumn festival falls on the fifteen day of the eighth lunar month. At this time, the moon’s orbit is at its lowest angle to the horizon, making the moon appear brighter and larger than any other time of the year.
· 'Lord Rabbit' gets Facelift for Mid-Autumn Festival (2010-09-19)
Every year at the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese people pay tribute to Lord Rabbit, or Tu'er Ye in Chinese. For this year's Mid-Autumn Festival, Beijing, China's capital, has its own ambassador for the tradition – the new "Lord Rabbit."
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