Proverbs and Poems
· Blessing SMS Ⅲ (2010-09-20)
Without you, the moon is round though my heart is empty.East or west, home is best.The moon cake is eaten away, but the sweetness remains.
· Blessing SMS Ⅱ (2010-09-20)
The Mid-Autumn Festival is a long epic will never be long estrogen; The family is an immortal flame burning forever forever warmth; Love is an altar wine too warm, never indulging fans forever!
· Blessing SMS (2010-09-20)
An inter-mining Mingyue for your viewing, weave a cool autumn you covered, as appropriate pieces of glass Moon Palace drunken your heart, and do a blessing Zhong Yuan your dreams.
· The Moon Festival (2010-09-20)
This is a famous Mid-Autumn lyric written for his brother Zi-you(1039-1112) when the poet was away from the imperial court.
· Thoughts in the Silent Night (2010-09-20)
In the literature history of China, many poets sang praise the pure moon of the mid-autumn night and show their delicate feelings.
· A Historical Anecdote (2010-09-19)
The Mongol Hordes of Ghengis Khan subjugated the Chinese, and established the Yuan Dynasty in the 13th Century.
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