An Ancient Festival: Summer Solstice  

Summer solstice is one of the important festivals of ancient Chinese culture. Before the Qing Dynasty, people even had a one-day holiday on the Summer Solstice. According to the records of the Song Dynasty, all officials could have three days off during the Summer Solstice. From this, we can see how seriously ancient governments took it. In another ancient book, we find that people called Summer Solstice "chaojie.” Women gave colored fans and sachets to each other. Fans could help them feel not so hot and the sachets were for driving away mosquitoes and making them smell sweet.

In the Han Dynasty, when the Mid-autumn Festival and the Double Ninth Festival were not as important as they are today, the Summer Solstice was already celebrated by people. Due to busy farm work, celebrations then were simple. Later, the Summer Solstice was turned into a solar term, but is still given close attention.

Source: Ruian Daily

Translated by Chen Yanqiu

Editor: Wen Yi

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