Preserving One’s Health  

In winter, people always enjoy the warm sunshine, while in summer, people don't like sunshine very much and would rather stay in the house with air conditioning. The question is, what does summer become if the weather is not hot?

Hot weather in summer is good for the growth of plants and animals, as well as human beings. The Yang Qi, or so-called energy comes from the Sun. So people should choose the right time to enjoy the sunshine. When basking in the sun, it's better to cover one’s head and bask one’s back.

A major problem of modern society is the use of air conditioning. Summer is supposed to be a fervent, vigorous and sweaty season. However, people now usually make air conditioning work too high in order not to feel hot. Because of this, air conditioning diseases are easily caught. Some people even like to let fans or air conditioning work when they sleep at night, which is very unhealthy. Stiff necks, facioplegia and even apoplexy may be caused. Therefore, air conditioning should be used sparingly, and when it is used, the temperature of it shouldn't be set too low.

Translated by Chen Yanqiu

Editor: Wen Yi

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Preserving One’s Health

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