Proverbs and Poems
· Summer Solstice and the illusion (2010-06-21)
According to the records of Fengsutong (a book about customs), written by Ying Shao of the Eastern Han Dynasty, a man named Du Xuan attended a banquet on the Summer Solstice.
· Summer Solstice weather in a poem (2010-06-21)
In Summer Solstice, due to strong heat absorption by ground and air convection, thunder showers that come and go quickly occur a lot between noon and dusk.
· "Nine-Sentence Song" of Summer Solstice (2010-06-21)
This folk song vividly describes the changes in weather from hot summer to cool autumn.
· Couplets about Summer Solstice (2010-06-21)
Many couplets about Summer Solstice are natural in words but exquisite.
· A poem by Bai Juyi (2010-06-21)
Bai Juyi (772-846) is a famous poet of the Tang Dynasty. He once wrote a poem on the day of Summer Solstice to recall the days he spent in Su Zhou.
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Summer Solstice weather in a poem

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