To Take a Spa During Start of Winter

After Start of Winter Day, the cold wind blows, and the air turns dry. The skin at this time becomes rough. Thus during this season, spas are popular.

To meet the different needs of different age groups, there are many kinds of spas, such as waterfall spa, surfing spa, drift spa, Chinese medicine spa, ice spa, etc. It also has formed an attractive landscape. In addition, there are also many spa resorts. These resorts all stress the creation of cultural taste. People in water can appreciate different styles: the majestic style, the pastoral style, the fashion style, the rural style or the royal luxury style.

According the Chinese medicine, the spa has the effect of stimulating the flow of the main and collateral channels, invigorating the circulation of the qi and blood, and making one feel relaxed.

While the bathing time should be controlled, the time depends on the temperature of the water. 34℃ to 36℃ is the tepid bath, and it can inhibit the central nervous system and smoothen the mood. 37℃ to 38℃ is a warm bath, and it can relieve the spasms of the blood vessel, promote blood circulation, and eliminate skin tension. 39℃ to 42℃ is the high temperature bath, and it can improve blood circulation and increase one’s metabolism. The bath is better to last for 10 to 20 minute, and the tepid bath could be a little longer. Since the ingredients of the spring are different, the time should be changed with it. If the main component of a hot spring is carbonic acid, the time should be short to avoid excessive inhalation of carbonic acid gas.

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