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· More Chestnut, Peanut and Black Fungus (2010-11-05)
There is a Chinese saying that goes: the nutrition gotten on Start of Winter Day can support you throughout the whole winter.
· “Nourishing the Winter” in the Right Way (2010-11-08)
A Chinese proverb goes, “nourish the winter, and next year you can catch a tiger.” We can see that the idea of having tonic in winter is rooted in the mind of Chinese people, while they seldom know the right way to get nutrition.
· Eating well this winter (2010-11-05)
The weather turns cold at the start of winter in China, which means business is booming at the country’s hotpot restaurants.
· Keep Healthy before Start of Winter Day (2010-11-05)
According to Chinese medicine, one main principle of the diet in the fall is “less spicy and more acid.”
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“Nourishing the Winter” in the Right Way

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Two Poems about the Start of Winter by Chou Yuan

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