Four Recommended Fruits in Autumn  
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People need to eat more fruits and vegetables in the dry autumn. What fruits and vegetables are helpful for expelling toxins? The following are four recommendations. Guava—anti-oxidation

According to research conducted by Israeli scientists, drinking 100 ml of guava juice every day for two weeks can slow the oxidation process by 40% and reduce deposited oxidized cholesterol. The effect can last another week even if people stop drinking it. Guava juice is more effective than wine, tomato juice and vitamin E in terms of anti-oxidation, and also plays an important role in eliminating cardiovascular toxins. It contains more polyphenol than green tea. It’s a superstar in slowing down aging and preventing cancers.

Mulberry—flushing out constipation

秋季养生 推荐四种排毒蔬果

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Traditional Chinese medical science dictates that mulberries have a sour flavor and a cool nature. They also nourish the liver and kidney, nourish the blood, promote the generation of bodily fluids and relax the bowels. Modern research also indicates that the mulberry is helpful for adjusting the human body’s immune system, promoting the growth of hematopoietic cells and protecting the liver. People bothered by habitual constipation can loosen up by drinking 15 ml of mulberry juice.

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Four Recommended Fruits in Autumn

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