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· Four Recommended Fruits in Autumn (2010-10-20)
People need to eat more fruits and vegetables in the dry autumn. What fruits and vegetables are helpful for expelling toxins?
· Health Preserving in Autumn (2010-10-09)
According to traditional Chinese medical science, appropriate health measures differ from one solar term to the next.
· Exercising More to Prevent Autumn Diseases (2010-10-09)
Cold Dew, one of the 24 solar terms of the year, begins on October 8th in 2010.
· Suggestions on Clothing, Food, Shelter and Transportation during Cold Dew (2010-10-09)
There is a saying which goes, “Don’t reveal your bodies in the White Dew and your feet in the Cold Dew.” This reminds people of the importance of keeping warm during this season.
· Recommended Recipes in Cold Dew (2010-10-09)
Ingredients: 20g of lily bulbs; 20 Chinese dates; 20g of lotus seeds; 15 gingko; 100g of polished round-grained rice; proper amount of crystal sugar.
· Porridge of the Gods (2010-10-09)
Porridge, a kind of food that can comfort people’s hearts, can help clear dryness and moisten the lungs. Chinese people may love porridge because of the serenity and tender feelings one has when eating it.
· Preventing Autumn Dryness in Cold Dew (2010-10-09)
The weather is becoming cold and late autumn is coming in the Cold Dew period. People should pay attention to preventing of autumn dryness maladies and eat less peppery or barbecued food.
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Four Recommended Fruits in Autumn

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