Proverbs and Poems
· Agricultural Proverbs in Cold Dew (2010-10-09)
After Cold Dew meal, men are seldom in a single layer.
· Weather Proverbs about Cold Dew (2010-10-09)
If it is sunny on the first day of Cold Dew, next year there will be more rain. (Hebei)
· Poems about the Cold Dew to Express Emotion (2010-10-09)
The cool breeze blows; Cold wind drops. The wild orchid plant withers while the flower is still white.
· Farewell Poems in Cold Dew (2010-10-09)
Riding the horse with golden bridle, We went out of the city, and saw him off at Dongyang.
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Weather Proverbs about Cold Dew

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