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Unmasking history

2014-07-08 17:05:39

(Global Times)


Three Tibetan masks hang on a wall during Exhibition of Tibetan Masks held at the Baimamedo Art Center in Beijing. Photo: Xu Ming/GT

Jamyang Yeshe stands in front of a religious Tibetan Mask. Photo: Xu Ming/GT

Educating people about the cultural heritage they have dedicated their lives to is the goal of many people who have chosen to carry on China's intangible cultural heritage. As such Jamyang Yeshe, a dedicated Tibetan mask artist, couldn't be happier with the exhibition that ended on Monday at the Baimamedo Art Center in Beijing.

"This is the biggest exhibition specially focusing on Tibetan masks that I can remember. It's an excellent platform to let people from other areas in China and even from the world learn more about this art," Jamyang, the curator of the exhibition and a master of the art form, told the Global Times on Sunday during his visit to Beijing to wrap up the exhibition at the 798 Art Zone.

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