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Kunqu Opera Theater opens in Suzhou

2014-12-30 14:18:14



In the city of Suzhou, Kunqu Opera has got a new home, when Suzhou's new Kunqu Opera Theater opened its doors in East China, after it was rebuilt from scratch.

The first performance at the new theatre was an adapted version of the Kunqu classic "The Peony Pavillion." It's unique sounds and poetic lines attracted an audience of young and old.

The new theatre also features an exhibition of exquisite props and costumes used in past Kunqu opera performances. They were designed by Timmy Yip, who won an academy award for art direction, for the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Organizers hope the rebuilt venue will attract bigger audiences.

"With a top class theatre like this,we want to present a rich Kunqu Opera experience that is more than a stage show," said Cai Shaohua, director of Suzhou Kunqu Opera Theater. "It also involves performing in classic Suzhou gardens. I think this will really draw people to the art."

It's taken nearly two years to rebuild this famous opera house. The structure features black, white and grey -- classic colors of the city walls and buildings of Suzhou.

The main auditorium can seat up to 300 people. A series of performances celebrating the new venue runs until January the 12th.

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