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China's national performing troupe wows Geneva

2014-12-01 13:14:37



This past Thursday, the China National Opera House presented a special concert at the Palace of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. Featuring both traditional Chinese music as well as western pieces, the concert brought a unique cultural experience and a message of peace and love to Swiss audiences.

The show was performed by a group of top Chinese artists, including pianist Zhao Meidi.

Audiences were treated to performances of both traditional Chinese music and western classics including the "Yellow River" piano concerto, and the "Butterfly Lovers".

The orchestra chose "Ode an die Freude" from Beethoven's Symphony 9 as its closing piece, to send a message of peace and love.

"I'm very keen on what we call culture diplomacy that we have here at the Palais, and China is a great activist on this. China has come to several of events over the years. I particularly like this because it has very well-known Chinese music and very well-known western music. And the fact that your orchestra plays a little bit of both and makes a bridge those two different cultures is a wonderful thing, particularly in a place like this where we are in the heart of the United Nations," said Michael Moller, acting director-general of United Nations Office at Geneva.

This is the first time the troupe has performed in Geneva and the concert also served to mark upcoming 70th anniversary of the UN's founding and the end of the Second World War.