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Art exhibit celebrates Macau’s return to China

2014-07-15 17:12:44

( By Wang Chang


To mark the 15th anniversary of Macau’s return to China, an exhibition is underway at the National Museum in Beijing, showcasing the artistic achievements of Macau. The Exhibition of Macau Artists’ Works: 15th Anniversary Celebration of Home-coming will last until July 17 and is a joint exhibition sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Macau Foundation and National Museum of China.

60 pieces selected from art collections in Macau are on display, including “Splendid Landscape,” ”Song of Harvest” and ”Red Cotton Tree.” The selected works feature natural scenery and the cultural landscape of Macau. The art also showcases the great achievements Macau has made in urban construction since its return to China.

Deputy Minister of Culture Ding Wei, President of Macau Foundation Committee of Administration Wu Zhiliang and Director of the National Museum Lyv Zhangshen were at the opening ceremony.

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