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Take classical Chinese music, add reggae and see what happens

2014-07-09 10:51:40



Traditional Chinese music and modern influences of western music such as reggea, dub and grime, seem poles apart. But a concert in Liverpool on July 12 will prove that when east meets west the result is spectacular.

Liverpool's Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra will be teaming up with Jah Wobble, recognised as a global music collaborationist extraordinaire and post-punk trailblazer, to present a new piece of work, Jasmine Flower Fusion 2014.

The concert of music and dance takes place at the Pagoda in the heart of Liverpool's Chinatown on Saturday evening as part of the city's cultural program to mark Liverpool hosting the International Festival of Business.


There is also an added poignancy to the event, marking a year since the passing of the man everyone in Liverpool called Mr Li, founder and director of what is the UK's only Chinese Youth Orchestra.

It was Mr Li who, six years ago, collaborated with Jah Wobble for a series of concerts that enthralled audiences all over Britain with its hugely successful fusion of Eastern and Western music and dance.

Inspired by that unique project, the Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra has worked with Jah Wobble to create Jasmine Flower Fusion, an unprecedented mix of Chinese folk song and grime.

This idea for the new concert has come from the young members of the orchestra, with their ages ranging from three to 18, inspired by their collaboration with Jah Wobble back in 2008.

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