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Chinese scroll painting of Yangtze River displayed at UN

2014-07-03 10:07:16



A Chinese scroll painting was exhibited Tuesday at the UN headquarters, representing the overall scene of the Yangtze River.

Titled with "Compliment of Yangtze River," the exhibit showed the Scroll of the Yangtze River in Thousands of Miles done by Shi Jiangcheng, a contemporary Chinese landscape painting artist.

Willem Van Der Geest, chief of Development Strategy and Policy at UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, said the artwork is a very meaningful piece.

"What Shi has done is really showing the strength of the river, the enormous stretch and diversity of the landscape," he said at the opening ceremony.

According to the artist, this scroll painting was created in 1984-2006from his sketch of the river from its western origin to the east. It is the first painting of the entire Yangtze River, artistically representing its natural scenery and cultural sites.

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