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Meet in Beijing Arts Festival: Meeting point

2014-04-18 09:32:56

(China Daily) By Chen Nan


"Besides bringing great shows to audiences in China, many original Chinese performances featured in past festivals went on to tour internationally," says Zhang, referring to performances such as Wedding of Erdos, an extravaganza celebration of traditional culture from the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, and dance drama Qingming Riverside, which were staged at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

Members of the Boston Rovers are good at playing various instruments.

"With the worldwide attention we've received during the past 14 years, it's very important to support our local artists and let the world see their talent and what modern China looks like."

Inaugurated in 2000 by the Ministry of Culture to celebrate the new millennium, Meet in Beijing Arts Festival brings more than 1,000 companies and 30,000 artists from 110 countries and regions to the capital, including the Bolshoi Theater, Philadelphia Orchestra and Royal Shakespeare Company.

Since the company turned into a share-holding entity in 2004, it has established a network abroad, and the festival is able to present more state-of-the-art programs.

"Both China and the world have changed a lot, compared with 14 years ago. But what we have never changed is our aim to present a people's festival of an international standard and high artistic quality," Zhang says. "We hope we can connect China and the world through the Meet in Beijing Arts Festival."



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