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Picasso's engravings exhibited in China for first time

2014-03-03 15:53:41



The exhibition of Pablo Ruiz Picasso's Suite Vollard [Photo source: National Museum of China]

One hundred Picasso engravings are being exhibited in China for the first time.

The exhibition of Pablo Ruiz Picasso's Suite Vollard was launched on Friday at the Beijing-based National Museum of China.

Suite Vollard was produced between September 1930 and March 1937 and is named after Ambroise Vollard, an art dealer and personal friend of Picasso's.

It is considered by experts the most important collection of engravings of the 20th century.

The exhibition is co-hosted by the Embassy of Spain in China, the ICO Foundation (Spain) and the National Museum of China, to mark the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Spain, which falls on March 9.

Suite Vollard consists of 97 engravings, plus three portraits of Ambroise Vollard added in 1937. They can be categorized under six themes: various themes, Rembrandt, the love battle, the sculptor's study, the Minotaur and portraits of Ambroise Vollard.

The exhibition will last until April 28.

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