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City’s art festival piques interest with 60 events

2013-11-06 15:36:31

(Shanghai Daily)


Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition at Fenghuang Yuyuan Art Base

The annual Hangzhou Art Festival that started on October 31 is designed to arouse locals’ passion for art with exhibitions, forums, lectures and competitions.

The comprehensive festival runs through this month. Last year, it lured more than 500,000 visitors with 30 activities. This year the festival, held in local art museums and galleries, is comprised of nearly 60 activities and is expected to make a bigger splash.

Some highlights among the 60 activities:

• Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition

The exhibition is the first of the newly opened art park, and it includes the works of well-known modern Chinese calligraphers and painters such as Jin Yide, Qin Dahu and Quan Shanshi.

Date: Through November 21

Address: Fenghuang Yuyuan Art Base,

7 Fengshan Rd

• 14th Antique Collection Festival

Taiwan collectors are introduced this year to Hangzhou to buy and to sell their collections. Also, lectures are given by jade sculpture artists and are free to the public, while collectors are welcome to take their own antiques to the market for sale.

Date: November 15

Add: Hangzhou Antique Market, 11 Wushan Rd

• Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition of Academicians and Artists

It is the seventh year for this exhibition, consisting of works done by local scientists as well as artists. Most are traditional Chinese calligraphy and paintings.

Date: Through November 30

Address: Wushan Calligraphy and Painting Gallery, 196 Nanshan Rd

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