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Tile Cat - Guarding the house from the roof

2013-10-30 10:34:12



Tile Cat

In rural West Yunnan province, it is always a great event when a family builds a house. Once the home is finished, the family must follow time-honored customs. The Tile Cat in Yunnan refers to the ornament made from tiles placed in the middle of the home’s ridge.

Tile Cat

Since it looks like a cat, it is called a "Tile Cat". It is said the cat made from tiles can eat all monsters and devils, thus protecting the whole family.

A sacrificial ceremony to inspire the magic power of the cat is required before the Tile Cat is placed on the home’s ridge. Generally falling during the second or eighth month of the Chinese Lunar calendar, a lucky day is chosen and a local koradji is invited to preside over the ceremony.

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