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The genius of Da Vinci on display

2013-10-14 11:27:03

(China Daily)


If you go:

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum 9 am-5 pm, until Dec 25 except Mondays. 2000 Century Ave, Pudong New Area, Shanghai.


The polymath also devised many vehicles, for land and water, for convenience and military purpose. He designed a heavy tank equipped with cannon and fortified with metal plates. Eight soldiers were supposed to stay inside the turtle-shell-like tank to move it by spinning the gears, which made the cannons mobile and more powerful on the battlefield - considering that during Da Vinci's time, cannon were generally used in stationary positions because they were heavy.

Zhu Dayong, a staff member of the museum who is responsible for the exhibition, says the inventions of Da Vinci epitomized a tireless pursuit of art and science. "He anatomized more than 80 human bodies all his life. I think that partly explained his great accomplishment in drawing - he knows humans to the bones," he says.

An underwater breathing apparatus that resembles modern scuba diving equipment. Photo provided to China Daily

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