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A good yarn

2013-10-14 11:00:58

(China Daily) By Rebecca Lo


Movana Chen's one-woman-show at ArtisTree illustrates how seamlessly she weaves together literature and performance art. Rebecca Lo drops by her Chai Wan studio to observe the "kniterature" in progress.

In the project Body Container, Movana Chen knits together maps from travels around the world to form a tube that envelops her from head to toe.

A paper shredder is humming in an industrial building deep in the heart of east Hong Kong island. In another room, Movana Chen is busily knitting together various pieces she has gathered from friends and acquaintances from all around the world. She is racing against the clock, as her one-woman exhibition Kniterature will open in a few weeks-and she is still assembling the star of the show.

Taking center stage at ArtisTree will be a 15 meter by 1.5 meter tapestry formed from pieces by 150 participants from 20 countries, each of whom have knitted his or her favorite book into what Chen calls "kniterature". For the opening, she intends to include a group of participants knitting silently as they contribute to the ever-growing body of work.

The premise is simple. Everyone possesses a beloved book with unique and personal meaning. Perhaps it is a diary, or a guidebook for a special trip.

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