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Plum Blossom Prize turns 30

2013-09-10 10:57:45




The Plum Blossom Prize is the highest theatrical award here in China and 2013 marks its 30th anniversary. On this special occasion, award winners from all over the country have gathered in the capital to celebrate at a gala.

No extravagant stage-set, just the artists and their performances... Performances of Peking Opera, Kunqu Opera and other local tunes thrill the crowd here at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

For the artists themselves, the performance also proves to be a unique experience.

Mao Weitao, Yueju Opera Artist, said, "The essence of the performing arts is simplicity. On the stage is just the performers: every note you sing, every move you make, tells the story. It’s just the sheer beauty of the art. "

And they are definitely all top class acts as the performers are all winners of the coveted Plum Blossom Prize. Over 30 years, 634 artists have won the prize, specialising in 58 kinds of local operas and dramas.

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