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Incense burner

2013-10-18 11:34:06



The Crane-Shaped Gold Incense Burner

Qing Dynasty

Overall height: 98cm

Base: 33*21cm

Made of gold, the crane is in a standing and crowing posture, with feathers vividly engraved all over the body. The stomach is hollow for storing fragrant materials and the wings on top serve as the lid. The fragrant air drifts out from the beak. The base at the bottom is shaped like a mountain rock, which is made of bronze and lead. There's a tenon extending from the bottom of each foot for inserting in the base.

This pair of incense burners used to be ornamental objects in the Qing Dynasty court. The engravings are so intricate that the feathers, joints and even the nails of the claws are lifelike. The whole work is in right proportion and looks tall and straight.

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