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Restoring traditional Chinese clothing

2013-08-01 14:54:26



Ancient Chinese clothes, as we know today, can only be seen in museums or historical sites. But the colors have faded and become unrecognizable over time. A group of Chinese youth are working and experimenting to restore ancient clothes based on documentary records, ancient paintings and pottery figurines. As a result, people can now enjoy the traditional beauty of Chinese clothes.

The beautiful white-and-red striped dress -- Early Tang (618-712)

It was the classic style of ladies in the Early Tang to wear a blouse with narrow sleeves and round collar, a coat with round collar and splendid half sleeve, a red-and-white striped dress and a yellow shawl. The red-and-white striped dress, which has been popular since the Wei and Jin dynasties (220-420), looks especially fabulous even on wall paintings, let alone restored.

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