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Embroidery in China

2013-04-22 16:27:05


Embroidery is a brilliant pearl in Chinese art. From the magnificent Dragon Robe worn by Emperors to the popular embroidery seen in today’s fashions, embroidery adds so much pleasure to our life and our culture.  As a folk art with a long tradition, embroidery occupies an important position in the history of Chinese arts and crafts. It is, in its long development, inseparable from silkworm-raising and silk-reeling and weaving.                                                                                                                 

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 Su Embroidery (苏)   Shu Embroidery (蜀
 Yue Embroidery (粤绣)    Xiang Embroidery (湘绣)
 Gu Embroidery (顾   Nanjing Yunjin (南京云锦) 

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