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Luxury brand influenced by Chinese design elements

2014-09-24 10:37:07

( By Liu Xiongfei


"Chinese knot", by Dior

With other brands of China that brings a traditional elements of Chinese designs in thefashion industry is the Taiwan’s SchiatzyChen and Hongkong’s Shanghai Tang. Thisis believe would be the profitable without valuing the logo but the quality of theproduct. Jiang did not put it on the show or endorsements because she admit that, itsonly a promotion for a three-week long with live demonstrations on how it was made.Furthermore, it targets the consumers on how to choose a feature kind of fashionclothing over the branded products.But there is still risk because of Chinese consumers can’t get away in buying a luxurygoods because of its branded name, for them it is a great products to wear. About 85 percent were of Shang Xia shoppers are in Beijing and 60 percent in Shanghai wereall Chinese. Thomas define that shoppers are recognizing their products on theirquality and design with its destinguishing styles and adornment. Chen Kan, anexecutive director of luxury spending in TNS recalls with its market research thatconsumers are willing to spend for a Chinese traditional design of fashion.Click here to get more informatioan about fashion chinese clothing.

In addition to the fashion industry, luxury goods makers such as LVMH with designers such as Ralph Lauren, Ermenegildo Zegna and Prada are all drawing inspiration from oriental prints and crystals to cater to Asian shoppers. They are making efforts to combine Chinese cultural elements with luxury goods, such as images of dragons, Peking Opera and Tai Chi.

"Snake", by HOGAN

As Cartier unveils a "Dragon" series, Hermes is keeping up with a new brand called "up and down," designed by designers in China.

Moreover, a rising crop of Chinese fashion designers is infusing the best designs from east and west that suit the Chinese lifestyle and taste. Many of these designers learned their trade in Paris or Milan and now have their own boutiques in Shanghai and Beijing.

"Dragon", by Vacheron Constantin

These designers recognize the best of modern European designs of simplicity and practicality and incorporate touches of Chinese elements. More importantly, they understand that some European designs just wouldn't appeal to Chinese customers. The key to success is recognizing the difference in lifestyles between different countries.

Despite this, Roberto Cavalli Chief Executive Gianluca Brozzetti says Chinese designers have creativity but not enough economic power to compete with established brands.

"Their culture and creativity will certainly be appreciated in the west," he said. "But it will take time."

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