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10 traditional Chinese Musical Instruments

2014-07-24 15:37:48

( By Wang Chang


1. The drum

In the ancient times, the drum was believed to be linked to high authorities and was a major instrument used during sacrificial offerings. In hunting and warring affairs, it is also widely used. It was not until the Zhou Dynasty that the drum was used as a musical instrument. At that time, the drum enjoyed a leading position in performances and was played prior to other musical instruments, such as the qin and se. During the course of history, the firm sound of the drum has accompanied the human race from early life to modern civilization. The drum is extensively used in folk celebrations like festivals and gatherings, as well as on formal occasions such as ceremonies in temples and court banquets. The drum, a musical instrument favored and preferred by many people, primarily evolved from ceramic jars and basins used by ancient cultures. Archaeological evidence has proved that the making of the ceramic drum dates back to the Neolithic Age 7,000 years ago.

The drum has a history spanning 4,500 years. It was not only used in sacrificial ceremonies and dancing, but also used for fighting enemy tribes and hunting wild animals, and was even used an alerting tool. With social development, drum was extensively applied in ethnic bands, Chinese folk art forms, singing and dancing, boat race and lion dancing and festive gatherings.

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