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Culture insider: Cool and beautiful tips from ancient China

2014-06-29 16:07:46



Ancient Chinese from noble families stayed in ice cellars to keep cool during the summer. Photo by Cindy Gu /

Ice cellar

Ice was very rare during summer in ancient times. While ordinary people resorted to paper fans, noble families had ice stocked in underground cellars to cope with summer heat. Ice could be placed in front of a fan to bring cool air or put into beverages to make an ice drink.

Egg whites were often mixed with honey to make facial masks. [Photo/Agencies]

Egg white masks

Egg whites are still used in many DIY facial masks formulas, even today. Ancient Chinese women mixed egg whites with honey and applied the mixture over their face to clean up the pores and lighten up complexion.

"Bamboo Ladies" are used in summer to cool down. [File photo]

"Bamboo Ladies"

Bamboo is widely used in China as a way to cool down in the summer. They are used to weave chairs, stools, and even bed covers. Compared with textiles, they are less likely to conduct heat and bamboo's hard surface make them less susceptible to absorbing sweat. "Bamboo Ladies", or bamboo pillows, are still popular today. People hug them to cool down while in bed.

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