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Culture insider: Cool and beautiful tips from ancient China

2014-06-29 16:07:46



The pursuit of beauty is a common goal for most women, whether they live in the modern world today or in the modest times of the past. The pursuit of beauty is also a life-long journey, something that demands perseverance and commitment.

Summer is here, and so are the hot temperatures, humid air and harmful UV rays. Most Chinese women perfer fairer complexions, which means they have to do more work to stay beautiful during the hottest time of the year.

However, without SPF50 sunscreens and air conditioned rooms, how did women in ancient China cope with the heat and remain beauty-conscious? In this article, you'll discover that aside from today's botox and face lifts, there are much more that ancient wisdom has to offer.

A woman poses in ancient Chinese costumes in Wuhan University, Hubei province on May 14, 2014. Photo by Zheng Jinqiang / Asianewsphoto

Oil-paper umbrellas

The best way to shield one's skin from the sun is to omit exposure. In an era with no sunscreen, ancient women in China used oil paper umbrellas to protect themselves from the harmful UV rays. These umbrellas, made with bamboo and oil-coated paper, may be colored and painted with beautiful patterns and also acted as fashion accessories for ladies of the past.

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